Sunday, 29 November 2020

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“We are trying to find new markets for our products. We manufacture and supply secondary glazing products for historic buildings, old buildings, offices, banks, private homes, utilities, hospitals, laboratories, etc. It’s a lively exhibition and we tend to be meeting the right type of people.” – Colin Bignell, Marketing Development Manager, Selectaglaze Ltd.

“We are promoting our Command and Control, Border Surveillance Systems based on fully mobile elevating platform. C2 Mobile Towers brings together the most technically advanced surveillance and control systems available with the most modern rapidly deployed elevating visual control room.  It’s transportable and can be towed by a simple truck. We design and manufacture the whole thing. It has been very busy this morning. We have made several new contacts which is why we are here. We have it in renting as well, so far, so good.” – Michael Brunton, CEO, C2 Mobile Towers

“We develop security and safety barriers for security at airports. We are here to meet with counter terror decision makers. Suicide bombers don’t just care, hence big countries are under threats. We are in India and in Pakistan. In South Africa, we are talking with goldmines and diamond mines companies. We are ready to go wherever there is an opportunity. We have got a duty of care; we are not just in business to make money. We have all got to work together to save life and infrastructure.” – Graham Sharp, Sales Director, Bristorm.

“We are here to demonstrate our new products to the public and a Counter terror Expo such as this allows you to do that. We have been trading since 1994. So far, it has been rewarding, but I hope it will be better by tomorrow. At this exhibition, you meet the right people – almost all the end users are here.” – Iain Morgan, UK Security Sales Manager, ATG Access Ltd





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