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“We are here to showcase our new products, especially the AMS Chemlock. The AMS Chemlock is meant to secure the lid of a chemical container, so that people cannot remove it. We have been fascinated by the size of the market here and the high level of decision makers that have been approaching us. People we have met so far are exactly the ones AMS need to do business with. Everything about the exhibition is good. The venue is very good and well chosen, accessibility is superb and strategic.” – Trevor Leisk, Director, AMS, Australia.

“Actually, it is a very good exhibition. The type of customers we are looking for are here. There is a good momentum here also,  compared to the others we have attended. People think there is much to see here. We thought it’s one of the best, better venue and bigger, hence we came. We are based in Sweden.” – Peter Strombeck, Co-Founder, Portendo.

“The venue is right. It is easily accessible from anywhere in London. We are here to showcase our products- GPS Mic connects to a radio. It was launched last year. So far, we are satisfied with the people that have been coming to talk to us, which included the police, prison services, Ministry of Defence, energy, power and gas. We have been to several exhibitions in the past, but the Counter Terror Expo is in a class of its own. The right clientele has been invited. Obviously, we are returning next year.” – Jim Gourlay, Technical Manager, RTS.

“We deliver a computer- based training online and sell from our website. We sold in excess of 76, 000 courses last year. We are here to broaden our customer base. Our courses are cheaper, convenient and easily accessible. We have had excellent responses so far.” – Martin Miller, Senior Sales Executive, Quadratica UK Ltd.

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