Sunday, 29 November 2020

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“Just by being here we have generated a huge amount of interest from the police, homeland security agencies and energy service providers to use Vigilant for surveillance, covert operations, search and rescue. We have also registered interests from Agencies with responsibilities for physical infrastructure protection, customs and ports security. To be honest, we expected the exhibition to be good and it has met our expectations. People are now interested that we have a leasing opportunity. The terms of the lease will be over 5 years. It is now available to every single police force in the land.” – Michael McNulty, Sales and Marketing Director, UAVSI.

“We are the window film specialists. People have been very enthusiastic. We have had positive responses so far. We are here to sell and get contacts.” Bradley Hunt, Marketing Director, Grosvenor.

“We are here to showcase the services we have on offer. We are service providers. We are into manufacturing of electronics at all levels and for all levels of Government Agencies and institutions such as the Ministry of Defence. We did not participate last year, but we see this expo as a growing market for us. We really didn’t have any real expectations, but just to promote and create awareness for our products. The calibre of prospective customers/clients and visitors have been good. The venue has been carefully chosen, the level of organisation of the Expo is excellent, and there can’t be a better in terms of location....good choice. We look forward to next year. We have even taken a stand for the next edition.” – Martin Gaffney, Sales Manager, JABIL.

“We are testing the market to see if there is a wider market here and that certainly is proving the case. We have been very busy since morning and we have made some international contacts which will give us opportunities at international level. We cannot talk about the impact at this time, probably after the show which can be three years or more. We are happy with the calibre of prospective customers that have been coming to us. There are exhibitors here who may later become our partners. We are very much into homeland security. Our coming to this exhibition is a bit of experiment.” – David Savage, Founder and CEO, Excelerate.


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