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Niger Delta Watch

Nigeria used to be a foremost nation pointing the light for other African nations to follow, but today like the eagle which was brought down from the sky by an ant gnawing at her wings, corruption has brought down Nigeria from her Olympian and soaring height, such that in the comity of nations, smaller African nations including those which gained independence recently are the ones now speaking for the continent.

The soul of Nigeria died the day, Sunday 15th January, 1956 when oil was discovered at Otuabagi and Otuogadi in Oloibiri in present day Bayelsa State by Shell Darcy. That day it was too that the spirit of enterprise and competitiveness died, and following afterwards Nigeria lost her heart and senses of rightness/justness and wrongness including of course, universal altruism. Hence what passes for Nigeria today is the relic of her old self walking with her head and legs up.

Thus, in conceiving Nigeria Watch International (NWI) we are embarrassed by the current stagnation to regression in every facet of that country and disappointed at Nigeria’s current zero image at international level.

The aims of NWI therefore, are:

  • To expose all levels of corruption in Nigeria, especially official corruption
  • To re-orientate the psyche of all Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora
  • And usher in the Nigerian renaissance.

The task ahead is not going to be easy, but with the collective efforts of all Nigerians at home and abroad, all friends and well-wishers of Nigeria across the globe joining us in this crusade by reporting all sharp practices in that country including all their unpleasant experiences in the course of doing business, or just visiting Nigeria for other enterprises, we are well able to uproot the evil tree in the House of Nigeria.

Above all, with God on our side we are able to root out corruption and general insecurity in the erstwhile giant of Africa, make her a paradise of glory and a beautiful bride for foreign investors and tourists once more.

We therefore, call on all Nigerians, friends and well wishers of Nigeria to send us information-documents-facts and figures detailing all forms of corruption in that country. Although steeped in stupendous corruption, the current Government may not be willing to take action against established corrupt cases or be favourably and genuinely interested in fighting corruption as the saying goes, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones,” we are prepared to press for prosecution of all cases relating to corruption in any form in Nigeria by enlisting world leaders and relevant international bodies such as the United Nations and Transparency International.

According to recent information on Nigeria courtesy of the National Bureau of Statistics, more than 100 million Nigerians live on less than $1.00 a day. Oil - rich Nigeria, and indeed, Africa with all its superabundant natural and manpower resources has no business being poor.

Although our focus at this time primarily is Nigeria, we should welcome information on corruption from other African countries on other African corrupt rulers till such a time when the continental version of NWI - Africa Watch International takes off fully.

We should like to add that the management of Nigeria Watch International does not take responsibility for any publication hereon and their aftermath.

Ridding Nigeria, indeed Africa of corruption is a task that must be done! Don’t just talk about it, report it and take action!



British Chevening Scholar



  • America: Who made you a prince and a judge over Nigeria?
  • Barack Obama, get your team out of Nigeria now!
  • All Nigerians MUST rise up as one and tell the US to stop further meddling in Nigeria’s internal affairs.
  • Having a weak leadership in a country is not an invitation to another country to constantly meddle in her internal affairs
  • To Obama and his America: Enough is enough!
  • The Nigerian authorities MUST not, repeat, MUST not welcome the busy bodies from the U.S.A.

I have never been as angry as I am this morning going through Nigerian online news and seeing a headline in the Punch which reads: US sends team to probe Baga killings. This is nothing short of delusion of grandeur, not just thinking in my wildest imagination that the US is thinking for a moment that Nigeria is her colony. As this short piece is not about who was right and wrong in the Baga onslaught, I will straight way and on behalf of all Nigerians, home and abroad, warn the US to keep off Nigeria’s internal affairs and concentrate in tackling its internal problems including violence which abounds in myriads.

Some years back I had written an article which I entitled America: Axis of Violence and as I pen this short piece, a sort of STOP PRESS this morning, I want to state here loud and clear to all humanity that the US today and as ever remains the most insecure place on the planet earth and so the most insecure place in which to live.

As I’m not writing as a scholar this morning, I shall remain at the superficial level, not delving into the history of violence and orgiastic killings in America since Christopher Columbus set foot on that soil arguably in 1492 and subsequently leading to the killings and displacements of the native Indians.

It is sickening to wake up every day to read about America’s meddlesomeness in Nigeria’s internal affairs such as pointing out corruption and many other vices in Nigeria as a parent would to a child or a teacher would to their pupils, when in reality there are more corruption, vices, killings, violence and other criminal activities in all America, and by extension, all West than in Nigeria and all in Africa put together.

All that has been happening over the years is that the U.S.A. and the West generally, are using the advantage of their technologies and western media to make themselves a prince and a judge over Nigeria and Africa. As in the past, there are no problems going on in Africa and in the so-called Third World nations currently that the US and the West generally have not been directly or indirectly responsible.

The shocking and embarrassing poverty levels in Nigeria, Africa as whole and indeed in other developing economies and polities are traceable to the plundering activities of the US and the West generally coupled with their stupid Washington Consensus, IMF policies, AGOA, the so-called and most disdainful fair trade mantra, spurious globalization policies which have helped them to steal directly or indirectly or use stooges, marionettes and puppets which have passed in these economies and polities over the years as leaders.

William Shakespeare was right in Julius Caesar when he said of Caesar paraphrasing): “If we were not sheep, he would not have been a hound.”

The busy body US Governments and other western governments have been getting away with these nonsense which have come to be the master-servant relationships they, and lately China, have cultivated with African States over the years because, with the exception of Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara and a few other African leaders, others have been conducting governance in Africa as if the nation States of Africa are America’s, Western, Arabs’ and China’s protected territories - and the sooner they decolonise their minds and relate with America and the rest of the world as equal, the better for the entire continental Africa and all persons of African ancestry.

I have watched to my dismay how foreign ministers and ambassadors of African extraction do quake and shake like reeds when they are before their counterparts in the West and in Asia.

My candid advice to all Nigerian authorities that the jokers from the US want to meet is that they should shut their doors against them on arrival. The US team should be told by all the Nigerian authorities to return to their country and concentrate in taking out the many logs in their eyes.

Those stupid Nigerians, emirs, the so-called fawning, obsequies and hypocritical opportunists of Northern extraction and efulefus like Orji Kalu who are yet to realise that Nigeria, and indeed, continental Africa is a sovereign continent, and their American and Western masters should be told loud and clear to both learn a lesson or two from Sakonfa, the mythical bird in a Ghanaian folklore to look back.

Orji Kalu was in London recently to report Nigeria to the one or two members of the British Parliament who got the invite for his so-called lecture on the injustice of the Nigerian State against his people, the Igbos and the lazy Nigerian journalists lied he addressed the House of Commons when in fact, the ego-trip speech was delivered in the tea room or one of the Committee rooms of the British Houses of Parliament. Let Orji and his cohort know that even if he became the President of Nigeria at any time in that country, which to us is crying for the moon, Britain will never descend so low to accord him that honour of addressing its Parliament.

As a servant of justice, I am a VERY strong believer in the Igbo presidential quest, but as a vision and not as a matter of bread and butter or the highest bidder as the likes of Orji Kalu would sooner like Esau trade it for a mess of pottage. More, if the Igbos are serious about taking the centre stage in Nigeria, they MUST all speak with one voice, act as one and present a credible person who is first acceptable to the Ndigbo and then to their compatriots. But let me hasten to add here that on the Nigerian question, it’s neither Njiko Igbo nor Ohaneze nor Arewa/Gamji nor Afenifere, whether old or the so-called Afenifere Renewal nor nor BRACE nor Middle Belt Forum nor Ijaw Confraternity, and still, it is neither also neither North nor South, but ONE NIGERIA!

If there is ever justice in that country, the MASSOB leadership must never be made to face any monkey treason trial because it is adding insult to injury when the Hausa/Fulanis have asked for the so-called amnesty for their regional army - I mean the band of miscreants who have not asked for it, are unrepentant of their murderous exploits and who do not in any way deserve such a patting in the back.

And to say the North created Boko Haram, is to be cowardly. Boko Haram was in fact, a creation of the descendants of the blood-thirsty Uthman Dan Fodio and the Hausa Fulanis of Nigeria who see it as a duty to continue with the blood-letting spree of their ancestors. This explains why all the emirs, the Hausa- Fulani heavy weights and their lackeys like Maku have continued to play the ostrich whilst their compatriots, particularly the Igbos, Christians are killed on daily basis in the North and with the politically motivated creation of Jos North Local Government Council by murderous IBB, the slaughter slab has been shifting forward and backward from the core North, East and West and to North Central Regions. Again, as we have repeated time and again, ‘Boko Haram’ has been with us since 1809. Save for the dirty politics inherent in the Boko Haram saga, it will ONLY require a 12-hour operation to root out the murderers. The Jonathan Government knows their sponsors (both local and external), but lacks the will to confront them head on!

Since 1990 as a corps member and a very young columnist serving our country at the Bendel Newspapers Corporation publishers of the The Observer, Benin City, in the then Bendel State, I had warned the Nigerian State in an article: Remember the Covenant of Brotherhood that no nation survives religious wars; Christianity and Islam are foreign religions which MUST be discarded if they would put a sword on the things that bound us together as a people. I then concluded in that article as in another written in the early 1990s as a staff of the Punch and a columnist for the Sunday Punch in a piece entitled: The Frankenstein’s Monster that Almajiris and in all Vigilance’s editorials on the mindless blood-letting in the Northern States of Nigeria that Boko Haram would like the Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’s Monster and the proverbial tiger turned round to devour their masters/sponsors after doing battle with their enemies for a time. And that is already happening.

Henceforth, US and their misguided cousins in the West must be asked when they want to meddle in the affairs of Nigeria and indeed Africa in a clear term: WHO MADE YOU A PRINCE AND A JUDGE OVER US?

To my readers I must confess this article was put down in anger, in a hurry and on waking up from sleep this morning to read the American rubbish. If I can, a scholarly article will follow sometime next week, but if I cannot, my question to the US is: WHO MADE YOU A PRINCE AND A JUDGE OVER NIGERIA?