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Waterfall Solutions showcases state-of-the-art image processing technology at CNi Expo, 2010

At the just concluded CNi Expo held in London at the Excel Exhibition Centre, Waterfall Solutions made its state-of –the –art image processing technology, originally developed for demanding military applications, available to the security and surveillance markets with the launch of three new hardware products and one software product: FUZERFUZER (FUsion with Zoom-Enabled Registration) represents the next generation in image fusion, which intelligently combines visible and thermal image data to provide a single enhanced picture of all pertinent features. The real-time system utilises Waterfall Solutions’ most advanced fusion and image registration algorithms, maintaining accurate registration even as the visible band camera zooms in and out. By simultaneously exploiting the properties of visible and thermal sensors, FUZER offers a unique capability to see in night and day, through smoke and fog, and near and far.

SIREN (Simultaneous Image Registration and Enhancement) is Waterfall Solutions’ new, compact panoramic imaging system that provides wide area situational awareness in a broad range of illumination conditions, from daylight to low light. Evolving from the company’s extensive experience in developing robust panoramic imaging systems for military applications, SIREN represents a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications, including surveillance of public places and facilities, border protection,

RONIN (Robust Observation using a Network of Imaging Nodes) is a distributed multi-camera system for security and surveillance. Based on a state-of-the art modular software architecture and high performance processing developed for the defence sector, RONIN offers a cost-effective, extensive surveillance capability. The system can be configured for a range of surveillance tasks including very wide area imaging, monitoring and alerting of suspicious behaviour, detection of abandoned objects, motion tracking, and scene change detection.

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