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Making Video Analysis work

Video Analysis seems to be the new buzz word in the Security Industry so everyone feels they must have it. Unfortunately the way most people buy video analysis they are highly likely to be disappointed with the results. Part of the problem is that there are many players in the market (including some otherwise very reputable names) who pass off simple “Motion Detection” technology as Video Analysis. However a large part of the blame must rest with the way users make their buying and implementation decisions.

Let us consider some of these issues in an attempt to understand what it takes to implement a successful video analysis system.

There are three factors that affect the success of the system namely:

1. Knowing what you require from the system
2. Choosing software with the right level of intelligence to meet those objectives
3. Correctly placing the cameras to optimize the performance of the software.

The Commoditization of Video Surveillance

Many parts of the security business are being commoditized. Commoditization involves a process where all the products are essentially the same and competitors are forced to compete on minor features, service and price. This is true for cameras which have been around for a while but as yet it is not the case for video analysis.

The intelligent surveillance industry is still at an early stage in its development. In this phase of an industry one tends to have a very small number of players who have effective technology and a large number of players who have jumped into the market to take advantage of the growth but with very limited technology. This makes it difficult for users to determine whether a solution that is proposed can really deliver what is promised.

One method that has been used to determine the intelligence level of the software for different requirements is to understand its IQ Rating. The Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a measure of intelligence used for humans. An IQ of 100 is the average of the population so half the population will have an IQ above 100 and the other half will be below.


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