Network Utilities becomes first UK Pulse Secure NA... » UK: Pulse Secure  has announced Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd as the first Secure Premier partner ... SentinelOne Establishes $1 million cyber threat ... » PALO ALTO, CA: SentinelOne has announced a cyber threat protection guarantee to provide customers wi... New study reveals software pricing and licensing t... » Maidenhead, UK: The enterprise software marketplace is undergoing a massive transformation as the pr... 380 MOBOTIX Outdoor Cameras installed at ancient R... » Langmeil, Germany:  Pompeii is the world-famous ancient Roman city near modern Naples which may rece... LOCKEN extends frontiers of access control beyond ... » As the digital era continues to evolve businesses are increasingly looking to expand access control ... Liverpool to host Armed Forces Day 2017 » The ninth annual Armed Forces Day, honouring the work and dedication of our brave Servicemen and w... OF FOOLS OF THE MIDDLE BELT, ONE NORTH AND PASTORA... » PART FIVE A treatise on pastoral jihadism, islamism, arabism and cultural imperialism in Nigeria ... Dimension data helps police keep Tour de Yorkshi... » Tracking and data technology on police cars, motorcycles, and vans helped lead, surround, and follow... Al Murabit Security Services first Iraqi company... » Baghdad: Al Murabit Security Services (“AMS”) and its sister company Al Thaware Security Services (“... Optex Systems locks in $518,000 shipment to Brazil » RICHARDSON, TX: Optex Systems, Inc. has announced that it has completed its first shipments of its p...


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Tracking and data technology on police cars, motorcycles, and vans helped lead, surround, and follow riders, direct traffic, and keep spectators safe

London/Yorkshire, United Kingdom: Last month, the West Yorkshire Police and global technology company, Dimension Data, joined forces to provide a safe, interactive experience for the riders, and the one million spectators along the 515km route of Tour de Yorkshire.

Baghdad: Al Murabit Security Services (“AMS”) and its sister company Al Thaware Security Services (“ATS”), the security services companies of Iraqi-based, international conglomerate Harlow International, have been awarded the ISO 18788:2015 accreditation. AMS and ATS are the first to be awarded the UKAS and IQ Verify witnessed assessment on ISO 18788:2015 in the world.

Study finds IT decision makers believe that over 70 per cent of staff use cloud tech that is not managed by their company, leading to secure employee mobility being the biggest business need in the next year

RICHARDSON, TX: Optex Systems, Inc. has announced that it has completed its first shipments of its patented M17 Day / Thermal Periscope (NSN 6650-01-619-6545) to Brazil.

Artem Vaulin, the alleged mastermind behind KickAss Torrents, was arrested in Poland earlier this week and it now appears that the site may have been shut down for good with US authorities seizing the KickAss domain. Commenting below on this news is Lee Munson, Security Researcher for

*Delphi Pinnacle Award 2016

Ningbo Schlemmer Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. has once again received a Technology Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from Delphi Automotive. The award recognized Ningbo Schlemmer's ability to focus creative resources and help Delphi deliver globally relevant solutions that capitalize on the megatrends of safe, green and connected.

Those more recent developments further complicated Libya’s struggle with lawlessness and instability: Intense fighting has taken place between the LNA and the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shoura Council (BRSC) in Benghazi; between Al-Qaeda and IS in Derna; between Libya Dawn and LNA in central and western Libya; between Libya Dawn and IS in Sirte; between the PFG and IS in the oil-rich central region of Libya; and between the pro-Libya Dawn Tuareg and the pro-LNA Tabou in the Libyan Sahara. But the greatest concern for all- especially in the West- was the increasingly disconcerting presence of IS in Libya. IS had flourished in Syria and Iraq starting from 2014, the year that saw their lightning-and-thunder seizure of large areas of that part of the Middle East. The world was winded by IS’s fanatically ruthless efficiency before it felt squeamish at their cold-blooded butchery of defenceless civilians. Once IS began beheading Western hostages, Western powers reacted by launching a prolonged campaign of aerial bombardment of IS, coupled with extensive assistance to anti-IS forces in the Middle East in respect of intelligence, special forces, and logistics. Later, Russia entered the fray by actively supporting President Assad’s forces against his opponents, particularly IS and the Islamist An-Nusra Front. The resulting curtailment of IS in both Syria and Iraq led to an increasing transfer of many IS fighters to Libya. Those were estimated to be in the thousands (up from hundreds) and have been based mainly in Sirte, Qaddafi’s hometown, which they governed. IS’s presence in Sirte had principally been facilitated by masses of profoundly disgruntled Qaddafi supporters who had experienced defeat and humiliation at the hands of the anti-Qaddafi forces, something which is reminiscent of how many Sunni Iraqis had collaborated with IS after the former had been let down by the United States in the aftermath of their decisive contribution to the defeat of Al-Qaeda in Iraq in what became known as As-Sahwa (The Awakening), thereby exposing them to inhumane persecution by the Shi’ite government of Nuri Al-Maliki.